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Thank you for all your support. Without you I would not be here. Here is me giving a little love back to you! Welcome to my site! You can find all the up to date news, latest projects I am working on as well as new magazine layouts/articles/interviews and most importantly my pictures ;) Don't forget to check out my gallery and my latest movie trailers etc. You can also add me on my social media pages!

For booking inquiries and fanmail, check out the ' Contact' page to leave a message. I try to answer as much fanmail as humanly possible but please understand I can't answer all of them. ( as much as I would love to!!)

I believe in giving back not only to my fans but I am very big on charities. Especially childrens charities. We are all human no matter how famous, good looking or wealthy we think we may or may not be. In the end we all end up the same. It's what we leave behind and how we treat others while we share this planet that's important. To me the most beautiful and richest human being is someone who knows how to give back to the universe. Be part of a charity of your choice. Whether it's donating $1 or more or volunteering. Every little bit counts . BE HUMAN and don't forget to live, laugh and LOVE!


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Sep 15th, 2011

My movie POOL BOYS will be hitting a theater near you SEPT 30th 2011!! Premiere will be held at Chinese Graumans theater in Hollyweird. Maybe I'll see you there on the red carpet!

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